About Us

Oriental Culture Enterprises Co. Inc. (OCECI) was established in 1976. It is a subsidiary of the largest publishing house in Hong Kong, Sino United Publishing (SUP). Also one of the largest Chinese bookstores in North America, OCECI occupies 7000 square feet of space. In the store you will find not only sales of books and others, but also an art gallery. The business of the company includes:


Books from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Also you will find magazines, art supplies, stationeries, sporting goods, musical instruments, stamps, multimedia products, arts and craft, and original works of calligraphy and Chinese paintings.


Pemanent exhibitions of paintings of famous artisits, as well as new multimedia products such as VCDs. You will also find book fairs in the gallery.


Welcome you to visit our store and gallery. You may also do mail ordering from our web site or call us (212) 226-8461 / 8422.

Schools and libraries can very welcome to purchase books from us. Simply call us at (212) 226-8461 / 8422 or email business@easternbooknyc.com.