Gallery at the Oriental Culture Enterprise was established over 20 years ago. Several hundred art exhibitions, and dozens of multimedia exhibitions took place in this gallery. Several hundred art pieces can be found in the gallery, work of art encompassing many renown artists from China, including the following:

  • Zhu Jizhan
  • Guan Liang
  • Guan Shanyue
  • Cheng Shifa
  • Wu Hufan
  • Xie Zhiliu
  • Chen Banding
  • Song Wenzhi
  • Wang Geyi
  • Huang Shanshou
  • Chen Ziyi
  • Dai Dunbang
  • Ma Jin
  • Mao Shan
  • Yang Yanweng
  • Chen Qiucao
  • Chen Peiqiu
  • Lu Yifei
  • Zhang Dazhuang
  • Hu Peiheng
  • A Lao
  • Qin Jianming
  • Ya Ming

The gallery at OCECI is highly respected in the Chinese communities in New York as well as in China. For many lovers of Chinese art, they come to the gallery to see and purchase the numerous work of art in the gallery. We invite you to come visit us too and marvel at these famous pieces.

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Size: 122x68
Painter: Yan Di

Clear Pond
Size: 68x45
Painter: Qin Jianming

Spring water flowing from luscious mountain
Size: 68x45
Painter: Maiguang

Eagle on Silk Cotton Tree
Size: 101x54
Painter: Chen Ziyi

Autumn rain on the mountains
Size: 96x46
Painter: Xu Zhanzhi

A Rock of Yandang mountains
Size: 69x40
Painter: Jiang Zhenghong

White House in Spring
Size: 58x69
Painter: Liu Maoshan

Plum blossom in snow
Size: 67x45
Painter: Tian Yulin

March in South of Yangtze
Size: 33x45
Painter: Song Wenzhi

Streams from the Rain
Size: 95x54
Painter: Xu Zhanzhi

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