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Morning spring fog on the mountains
Size: 78x49
Painter: Chen Weixin

Tranquil Garden
Size: 68x46
Painter: Wu Xiu

Calabash and two chickens
Size: 106x33
Painter: Dai Lin

Spring night
Size: 66x46
Painter: Ling Jingqing

Autumn scene on the river
Size: 74x41
Painter: Cui Zifan

Listening to the water stream
Size: 68x45
Painter: Zhang Hailu

Size: 69x50
Painter: Zou Ya

Crane and plum blossom
Size: 83x50
Painter: Chen Qianning

Size: 147x40
Painter: Zhu Chan

Spring comes early to the canal
Size: 67x66
Painter: Li Mingjiu

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